Getting ready for a cleanse

We are certainly going to take you into a new place in your life, it’s very likely you will lose a little weight in the process, skin will become noticeably clearer, and you will sleep better. However, giving up food for a number of days can be tough, but here’s how we recommend you can prepare to make the process smoother.


  • Lemons
    Anything with lemon in it, is fine to have alongside your cleanse. (No, we didn’t mean lemon pie). Hot water and lemon is very alkalising and detoxifying.


  • Clean out or lock your cupboards
    If there is nothing to snack on, you can’t snack on nothing. Clever huh? Give yourself a fighting chance and keep temptation away.


  • Treat yourself
    Take an afternoon at the local spa. If you’ve already spent your budget on juices, then relax as much as you can at home. Put the mobile down, run a bath, chill out by your condos pool. Get away from the normal.


  • Ask your friends for help
    Cleansing alone works, but it’s more fun with two. Bodybuilders often go to the gym together, to help motivate and encourage one another.


  • Blog, post, share
    Take pictures or write down your journey so far. Ask yourself how did you feel currently? What do you expect will happen? What will make you happy it if does? Wouldn’t it be amazing to read back your thoughts in a year? Feel free to send them in!


  • Don’t stop
    Life is hard, crazy, fun, beautiful, amazing and of course can be terrible too. But we never know what’s around the corner. So if you’re feeling down, talk to someone, if you’re feeling happy, remember and enjoy the feeling.


  • Finally
    At R+H we are selling you juice. Yes, fancy delicious juice, but it’s still just juice. You are the one brave enough to try and make a change, or smart enough to know what’s healthy and keep it going. Whether you get a juice from us, or not - if you are reading this, we are proud of you.
A cleanse is as much for your mind as it is for your body.
We are not that scary are we? 3 of our best tasting juices are waiting for you
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